Kaisen Linux Rolling 2.2RC2 Release Notes

  • Author: Kevin Chevreuil - Kaisen
  • Date: 2022/10/03

Kaisen Linux Rolling 2.2RC2 changelog

Bugs fixed with updates and snapshots. New cloud and DevOps tools. Improvements of hardware support.

Codename: Rolling

This release is the second release candidate before the 2.2 version releasing.

It exists because some bugs exist when launching an update, for example with APT snapshots and the raspi-firmware package which causes an error when rebuilding the initramfs.

These bugs have been fixed via APT since the release of 2.1, as the raspi-firmware package has been removed, and APT snapshots no longer have problems.

List of important changes (detailled changes will be announced in final 2.2):

  • Some minor bugs fixed
  • Say hello to kaisen-timeshift-apt! The kaisen-timeshift-apt package replaces apt-btrfs-snapshot for APT snapshots! This package aims to fix performance issues with APT snapshots and be able to delete restored snapshots! What was previously not possible is now a thing of the past!
  • Linux 5.19
  • Replaced firmware-* packages with linux-firmware-* packages designed by the Kaisen Linux team to fix the problem with the raspi-firmware package and provide improved hardware support combined with Linux 5.19
  • The linux-firmware-* packages are also a complete package of the linux-firmware repository found on kernel.org to provide the latest firmware and better support for Wi-Fi and Mellanox drivers in their most recent versions.
  • Add few tools as lazydocker, lazygit, jq and yq
  • Restoring snapshots is now possible directly via GRUB thanks to the grub-btrfs package. Thanks to this, snapshots can be restored simply by booting from a snapshot.
  • Improved dependencies in packages for some tools like Minikube and VirtualBox. This ensures that the tools work better if they are installed outside the metapackages provided by Kaisen.
  • Kubectl is now in the 1.25 version
  • The CVE-2007-4559 in the gns3-gui package is fixed. Thanks to the Trellix company to the report!

Thank you all for your support, thank you for using Kaisen Linux and for being part of this wonderful adventure!

You can report bugs on the forum available at here.