Kaisen Linux | Documentation

Kaisen Linux is a distribution for IT professional based on the Debian GNU/Linux distribution.

It is a complete operating system whose originality is to provide a set of tools dedicated to system administration and covering all the needs for diagnosing and dealing with faults or failures of an installed system and its components. The most important system tools are available.

Since release 1.0 named, Kaisen Linux is a rolling release (continuous update) based on debian testing.

Quick start

  1. Choose and download an iso :
  2. Launch it in a VM
  3. Boot on the live mode or install Kaisen Linux
  4. Explore and test sysadmin and technicians tools
  5. Read Kaisen Linux documentation or Kaisen Linux manpages for help
  6. Join our community forum ;-)

Documentation guides

The documentation is splitted in 5 GUIDES on the left menu bar:

  • FAQ

Help Summary