Convenient Kaisen Terminal shortcuts

Kaisen Terminal?

The Kaisen Terminal launcher is actually just the terminator terminal emulator (written in Python) which is executed, but has been fully customized. This tool is great because it has a lot of features including the main one which is device deduplication.

Main keyboard shortcuts

To open a new tab from the current terminal window, use the command:


To quickly open a new terminal window, do:


To split the terminal into two or more horizontally, use this combination:


To split the terminal into two or more vertically, use this combination:



On the default Terminator setup on the distro, the scroll bar is disabled, and you might need it. To activate it, nothing could be simpler do this:

Right click + Show scrollbar

This will activate the scroll bar and can be turned on and off at will.

On the default configuration, windows open in full screen. You can also change this setting by right-clicking on the terminal window and clicking Preferences.

Then on the global tab, replace the value in Windows state.

To change the background color, transparency or color of the text, you can as before right click on the terminal window, and click on Preferences. In the Profiles tab, you have access to many parameters such as the background, the colors, and also have the possibility of creating as many profiles and therefore parameters as you wish.

To make your settings effective on all users on your system, you can copy the following path to /etc/skel_user:

cp -rf ~/.config/terminator /etc/skel_user

Then use the kaisen-update-skel-user command to update this theme for all your users.