Kaisen Linux 20200211 Release Notes

  • Author: Kevin Chevreuil - Kaisen
  • Date: 2020/04/03

Kaisen Linux 20200211 changelog

This new release is revision of version 20200206. Minors fix. Minors updates. Menus reworked.

Codename: Titanic

Softwares updates:

  • Linux updated to 5.3.9 version
  • balenaetcher to 1.5.76 version
  • Addition Kaisen Linux website in bookmarks pages at Mozilla Firefox default profile

Added softwares and hardware support:

  • The asciidoc package was introduced to manage as much as possible the dependencies necessary for compiling fuse drivers (example: vmfs-fuse)

Graphical interface:

  • The syslinux and grub start menus have been reworked and 3 entries are now displayed with their corresponding entries as submenu (example: Kaisen Linux Live (en), will contain all the configurations of version 20200206 for support of live in English etc). We can call this a category creation.

Minor fix:

  • The .zshrc file has been modified to set the zsh variable to $HOME and more to /etc/skel (same on /root)
  • The os-variant file has been reintroduced to keep the customization of grub if the Debian base-files package is updated (lsb_release reads entries from /etc/os-variant and more from /etc/os-release which can change with Debian updates)
  • Bug of the "ghost" menu corrected (clear line removed on .zshrc and .bashrc files, same on /root, bug automatically erasing the terminal when using a launcher displaying a help page on the terminal)