kaisen linux plymouth no bgrt theme

Plymouth without BGRT theme

kaisen linux login screen

Login screen

kaisen linux desktop with MATE

MATE default desktop

kaisen linux mate with network administration tools menu

MATE network administration tools menu

kaisen linux mate with technicians tools menu

MATE technicians tools menu

kaisen linux with XFCE desktop

XFCE default desktop

kaisen linux xfce with services menu

XFCE services menu

kaisen linux xfce logout

XFCE logout

kaisen linux with LXQT desktop

LXQT default desktop

kaisen linux LXQT with sysadmin tools menu

LXQT sysadmin tools menu

kaisen linux LXQT with miscellaneous tools menu

LXQT miscellaneous tools menu

kaisen linux with KDE desktop

KDE default desktop

kaisen linux KDE with filesystems menu

KDE filesystems menu

kaisen linux KDE with cloud menu

KDE cloud menu

kaisen linux KDE with kaisen-conky

KDE with the kaisen-conky package installed

kaisen linux with ZSH completion for systemd

Use ZSH completion for Systemd

kaisen linux zsh completion for APT

Use ZSH completion for APT


Architecture: amd64 (Intel and AMD processors)
Default desktop environment: KDE
Others desktop environments: MATE, XFCE, LXQT
Latest version: Rolling 3.0RC2
Live credentials: kaisen/kaisen
Old versions: here
All checksums here
Last changelog here


Size: 6.0GB

All tools included

Size: 6.5GB

All tools included

Size: 5.9GB

All tools included

Size: 6.0GB

All tools included
System Rescue

Size: 3.4GB

No installer, live only

Size: 399MB

Network required