Importants Contributors

This section is created in honor of our importants contributors, who help us to develop this project.

We thank them all personally!

image of tomi bequet

Tomi Bequet

Creator of official wallpapers. He is the one who reworked our officials logos.

image of arnaud cormier

Arnaud Cormier

Creator of manpages documentation. Today, he help us to maintain it.

image of noe flatreaud

Noe Flatreaud

Creator of prototype of the new 3.0 Kaisen Linux logo.

image of jerome guichard

Arthur Boudreault

Fixed and improved a lot of English translation mainly in the menu.

img of florian mauduit

Florian Mauduit

Infrastructure provider for the first APT repository and second ISO mirror.

img of stefan kuny

Stefan Kuny

Creator of the Kaisen logo of neofetch and many suggestions for improvement.

image of jerome guichard

Jérôme Guichard

Suggestion of massive tools and lots of communication about the project.

unknown image for guillaume dechoux

Guillaume Dechoux

Creator of first version Kaisen Linux official wallpaper (release 20201214).