Kaisen Linux 20200304 Release Notes

  • Author: Kevin Chevreuil - Kaisen
  • Date: 2020/04/03

Kaisen Linux 20200304 changelog

This new release is revision of version 20200301. The exfat filesystem is now supported. Important bug fixed.

Codename: Armageddon

Softwares updates:

  • Linux upgrade to 5.4.9 version (with most optimisation)

Added softwares and hardware support:

  • exfat driver supported (experimental)
  • etherape (thanks to jergud for suggestion)
  • vscode
  • arpwatch
  • arpalert
  • wakeonlan
  • driftnet
  • ettercap

Graphical interface:

  • arpwatch section added in services menu

Fix bugs:

  • Failsafe mode fixed (initrd not charging because nolapic and nomodeset not functional in 5.x kernel) in default and charging in RAM mode