Kaisen Linux Rolling 1.8 Release Notes

  • Author: Kevin Chevreuil - Kaisen
  • Date: 2021/08/04

Kaisen Linux Rolling 1.8 changelog

New revision of the rolling. Real final 1.x release. Revision of the NETINST ISO.

Codename: Rolling

This release is in fact a "1.7.1". There are no changes to the distribution except for some updates and additions and updates to the default profile.
When updating the tasksel tool which allows here to integrate the selection of tools as well as the deactivation of services directly in the installer, the configurator was removed and "broke" some things offered by the old configurator (launched post-installation).
The disabling of services as well as the complete installation of guests and the activation of VirtualBox at startup if installed, can no longer be done via the tools provided for Kaisen unless you update the ISO, which is done here.
This is the only reason and the only change since 1.7.
The lives systems have not had any changes except for the default profile which has been updated.

Changes made to the default profile and softwares installed with interfaces:

  • Removal of visible dotfiles on Thunar (on the XFCE interface)
  • Add a launcher on the taskbar of the default text editor of each interface
  • Added gedit to the XFCE interface to provide a graphical text editor by default

The next release will be the 2.x series (really this time), based on the future Debian 12!

How to properly update the system?

  • sudo kaisen-update

This is by no means mandatory, but I also recommend that you use the kaisen-update-skel command to put the entire contents of /etc/skel on the directory for all users. However this will make you lose your personalization on your desktop environment, use it as a precaution.

How do I check if I am in version 1.8? Use this command:

  • cat /etc/debian-version

This command should return "Rolling 1.8". If you are using Kaisen Linux only as a live DVD version, download the ISO again rather than doing the updates.

Thank you all for your support, thank you for using Kaisen Linux and for being part of this wonderful adventure!

You can report bugs on the forum available at here